Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation that challenges students will yield the greatest results. In a world that is heavily controlled by standarized tests, the role of test prep has never been more vital. A key aspect of test preparation is understanding that every student will be quite varied, as every student learns in a different way. Some students learn well with flash cards, allowing students to develop muscle memory with the content. On the other hand, a handful of students learn best taking full-length practice tests, learning best when real test questions are used. A test preparation method that has helped me is group study sessions, a practice that allows everyone's voice to be heard. Everyone has different ideas on a variety of topics on various tests, meaning that everyone is able to learn from each other. When we have the opportunity to listen to the views of others, we increase our intellectual knowledge as well.

I believe I deserve to win this scholarship due to my unequivocal dedication to excellence, always striving to enhance the world as a result. Our differences, not our similarities, are what makes positive change happen on a macro scale. Test preparation is a classic example of this -- we must not be afraid to listen to others if we hope to achieve our most ambitious goals. Throughout my collegiate and professional career, I hope to grow as an individual and use my experiences to change the world for the better. Each of these experiences will provide me with unique lessons, each one aiding me in future success. When life presents me with struggles, I will take each one on without fear of failure and become stronger because of each of them. I am beyond ecstatic for the next chapter of my life, as it will present me with building blocks to enhance the lives of many.

Noah from Iowa
High School Senior
City High School