Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am a huge advocate of continual education. I did not always have this mindset, in High School I wish it would end, though ironically at that time I was a believer in self improvement. I believe if one wants to get better they must also educate themselves. Imagine the doors that are open to those who do not have education, they will be able to provide for themselves, provide for their families, and be able to progress towards their goals. With this being said, there is a right way to learn and a wrong way to learn, at least according to my experience. I believe in implementing active learning techniques, in addition we must have a growth mindset. After those first two principles that I mentioned we should initiate deliberate practice.

Employing active learning techniques is learning how to learn. Before I begin to share what those active techniques are, I will share what they are not. They are not watching a documentary, listening to a book, or anything passive like these two things I mentioned. Most of the times when you do those things your mind switches off, you are no longer making your brain work hard. Now active learning techniques consist of and are not limited to, writing, speaking, discussing, teaching, memorizing, debating, questioning, sharing, presenting, preparing, group work and so much more. What do all these things have in common, you are making your brain work hard, you're asking it to retrieve information. When you make note cards and have someone else read a word and you try to recall the definition, you are making your brain work hard, and you are more likely to internalize the information, it goes from the short term memory to long term memory.

It is not enough to have these active learning techniques and to use them. We must focus on our weaknesses. If there is information we still cannot remember well, we must attack it from all sides. The law of learning is repetition and repetition and so more repetition. A good snack also doesn't hurt.

Ivan from Utah
College Sophomore
LDS Business College