Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe I have the greatest test preparation practices. The idea of preparing for tests is to begin studying or reviewing the material once it was given in spurts. Some may not feel like studying at the time, so the best idea is to make studying feel like it is not a hassel. You can talk with a friend or family members to make it even more interesting and amusing. I also like to bring the competitive spirit and Kahoots, Quizzizz and even enjoy a friendly competition with someone in person. For example I do this task a lot with my brother. Although, this is not the only secret to preparing for tests. In addition to retaining the information given, you also have to have at least an adequate mind set that will let them remember and assess the information. You have to want to learn and want to improve at all times. The ability to retaining information is relating different topics, key words, main ideas, facts, and images to your everyday life. Training your brain to access certain information at different times helps with memory. What will also help is if one were to not cram all of the content in a few days. You believe you can do better on a test as long as you have faith in your studying and truly believe you are prepared for the test.

Tyren from Maryland
High School Senior
Chesapeake Math and IT South