Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It's Thursday night, and I have a big exam on Friday, so I'm locked in my room preparing for this test. Preparing for an exam sounds much more straightforward than many realize. Parents, teachers, and professors often tell you to prepare and study for upcoming exams, but what does that mean? What does it mean to study extensively so that you know what will be on a exam? How do you prepare for a test?
For me, much of it has to do with pre-preparation. I require an organized study space, snacks, and brain food, highlighted notes and flashcards, and set times to take breaks. Once my pre-preparation is complete, then my focus becomes compartmentalizing information about the test while working on memorizing as much information as possible.
The first part of my study technique is understanding the two different types of questions on a test: objective and subjective. Objective questions are usually on topics that are presented as multiple-choice questions, true or false questions, or even matching questions. Meanwhile, subjective questions require thoughts being presented in written response. This could be in a short answer response or essay responses. Note that a test can have both types of questions, therefore, it is an excellent idea to ask your teachers and professors what kind of questions they will have beforehand so that you can prepare adequately.
Objective questions primarily are where the memorization comes in. You're going to want to analyze the keywords of these questions carefully. Then pull information that you have studied in from the recesses of your mind during the test. In doing so, you show competency.
Meanwhile, subjective questions have less to do with memorization but more about crucial essay writing skills. You're going to want to write in a way where you organize and clearly state your thoughts towards a given writing prompt. Also, make sure not to include too many unnecessary details but just enough to gain full credit for your responses.
Developing specific study habits and techniques have helped me prepare for classroom exams as well as standardized exams. Preparation allows me to answer questions and organize my thoughts in a manner that is quick and efficient. I will continue to use the test preparation skills that I have developed in my future university educational career. And I highly recommend that if you haven't developed a study method that is effective for you, you consider some things I mentioned and modify them for your academic success.

Maximillian from Texas
High School Senior
East Central High