Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It took me a while to learn how I as a student needed to prepare for a test. It took me 20 years exactly. I am a writer. I have write and rewrite information in order to gain the knowledge I need to pass tests. I will take notes in class, then rewrite the notes, and to finally grasp a concept I will rewrite it in a more organized state. As a teacher I am also more aware of my students needs, even if they are only three years old. I can see at a young age which teaching style helps them the most. Some need to have movement, some need to see it written and some need both. As for myself, I read material constantly knowing that I may interpret what is stated in a book differently then my teacher so I like to look at all views. I take what's taught and then compare to the way I would interpret the information and make notes on it both all put together. I have lengthy notes on many subjects but since I found out how I learn, I have done so much better with my grades. It should not have taken so many years which is why I know even when my prek students leave my class, I make sure to tell parents, this is the best way your student may learn so they have an idea.

Abigail from Georgia
College Sophomore
Western Governors University