Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone studies differently and each of these habits have their merits. From cramming to study groups and more, test preparation comes in many different forms that help an individual prepare for their exam. For me, repetition and practice quizzes are the best way to prepare for a test because it helps build my knowledge and better prepares me for the environment I'll be in.

Repetition is one of the best ways to make sure you understand a concept because you are able to train your thoughts to instantly respond to certain prompts with the correct answer. I've never been one much for overnight cramming because if I don't know the material five hours before the test, it is very unlikely I will learn it by the time of the test. But with repetition, I would have to start early enough to put myself in a pattern and I would be able to ask questions before the time of the test.

Practice quizzes are also a great way to prepare because they put you in the situation you will soon be facing. While you can't account for the exact testing environment, you can better prepare yourself by practicing. I like to find a quiet study area on my campus. I try to find places with a few students, which allows me to practice in a similar environment. I can see if I can focus on someone say ruffling papers in the background or someone who keeps tapping their pencil. Small details like this help me prepare for a test because I can see how I perform under pressure and how someone else's actions affect me.

As I mentioned before, everyone prepares for a test differently. I have friends that will study down to the minute they are tested and they do fine. I have others who have to prepare at least three weeks in advance. I like to think of myself in the middle of the two. With methods like flashcards, I am to continuously quiz myself and prepare myself. When doing practice tests, I am testing myself not only on the material but also my ability to thrive in the testing environment.

Sydney from Georgia
College Freshman
University of Georgia