Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

A major obstacle that I faced was managing to complete the prerequisites over this summer for the Radiation Therapy program. I had my mind set that this was the major that I wanted to pursue, and I wanted to start as soon as I could. I previously was a Public Health major at Georgia College, so when I was looking online at the required courses for Augusta's Radiation Therapy program and I had thought that most of them were already completed. I applied and set up for an interview date for the Radiation Therapy program knowing that I would still need to complete a few summer classes in order to have all the classes that I needed before starting. I went in for the interview, and was told that I did extremely well. I received a provisional acceptance with the agreement that I would be accepted if I completed and passed all of the classes I needed. It ended up being 25 credit hours worth of classes that I need to complete. I was so determined to make it work that I ended up attending three different universities, and had Georgia College override the class limit for me which let me to take more hours than they allowed per semester. I was attending Georgia College, Georgia State University, and Chattahoochee Tech. It took days of constant planning to have all the classes work with each other, and make sure that I could be present on campus when I needed to be. I ended up passing all of the classes, receiving a 4.0 at one of the universities. It took a massive amount of dedication and hard work. My test preparation was to write out everything on a calendar that I needed to study for. The closest test to the present date was what I would focus on the most. I would print PowerPoints or notes, and highlight the information once I had memorized it to know not to look back and waste time on stuff I already knew. I was a student Fall of 2019 and even got nominated class Vice President in the first month at the new school

Sarah from Georgia
College Junior
Augusta University