Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is an extremely important part of everyone's education. Because of a myriad of differing factors there is not one specific way to effectively prepare for a test. While studying I have tried many of these different styles of test preparation in an attempt to find out what works for me and in doing so I have discovered a few tactics that seem effective. For my preparation I rely on removing distractions, having consistent daily reminders, and using multiple learning styles.

The first tactic is to eliminate distractions while studying. As we are studying it becomes harder to remember and learn concepts when it is not getting our full attention. When I study I try to find a quiet place away from things that can distract me such as television, other people, and food. As I have done that I have been able to give my full attention to my studies and allow the things that I am trying to learn to really sink in.

The Second tactic is to have consistent daily reminders. As I have studied I have found that having long periods of studying followed by long drought of not has not allowed me to fully learn and remember. When I can break my study periods into smaller and more frequent portions my mind reflects more on what I am studying and I can remember easier with less stress.

The last practice I have used has been to use different learning styles. These styles have included memorization, listening to others explain concepts, and practice. Of course it depends of the information you are studying but when I have involved audio, visual, and sensory learning I learn faster.

Studying has and will be important for everyone seeking education. No two people has the same brain and thus no two people have the same process for studying. As time continues I expect that some of my practices my change but for now removing distractions, having consistent reminders, and using different learning styles have worked for me. I continue to look forward to refining my practices.

Cameron from Utah
College Freshman
Southern Utah University