Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For most college courses, a study guide is never really available to you or made for a test. You have to take it upon yourself to prepare for a test. When preparing for a test, there are many different preparation strategies I use. For my science classes, I have found that flashcards work best for definitions and smaller things that are easy to memorize. For each test I make about 100 flash cards from the many learning objectives my professors give me for the chapters we covered. I like to divide the flash cards by topic; this allows for less confusion while studying because you are not questioning which topic you are trying to connect it to. For something that is a little more visual such as a digestive system, I like to print the images along with the names of the anatomy to help my labeling. Because science is a memorization class, I also like watching videos on the topics I am studying. This gives me a complete overview of the topic I am learning and helps me see it from a perspective different than my professors. For math classes, I like making real life situations out of the topics I am learning. For example, with the topic "The relationship between two variables", I made a project using goldfish. The idea of the goldfish was to make a table of the different colors of goldfish in relation to them having a smile or not having a smile. I was then able to find probabilities and percentages. By doing this, I helped my understanding of the topic greatly. I also like to find printable worksheets for the topic I am studying. For each of my classes, I am given learning objectives for each subject. I like keeping these handy while I am studying for tests. Most teachers expect for you to understand those learning objectives. While studying for tests, I like asking myself, "Would I be able to write a paragraph on this topic, without my notes, if I was asked to?" By doing this I am able to figure out which topics need more reviewing, and which topics I fully understand.

Alana from New Mexico
College Sophomore
Brookline College