Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is an art that I have mastered over the last few years. My test preparation begins long before test taking by being consist in classroom attendance. Being a auditory learner, I make it a priority to attend every class so I can take good class notes. Because I am an auditory learner, class discussion helps me to retain important details of study. Knowing that I am an auditory learner, I study by reading class notes aloud so that I can hear the information over and over. I have found that reading class notes aloud three to four times the night before a test works for me so that I can remember important details related to testing content. I understand that some people are not auditory learners so this technique will not work for everyone. For example, this technique may not work for a visual learner. A visual learner may need to watch videos or look at data charts to retain important information. Whether a vision or auditory learner prior preparation helps to improve testing outcomes. Consistence in classroom attendance, focus, and practicing scheduled study time helps to improve success as well. Each student must find what works best for his/herself and stick with a consistent strategy for test taking.

Cynthia from Tennessee
High School Senior
Madison Academic High School