Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The only person in the room who is not anxious on test day is not any student-it's the proctor. For myself, changing my perspective on the situation is how I best prepare for tests. One's attitude towards assessments is in my opinion the key to success. Not once have I gone into a test expecting failure and received success, but the opposite has always been true. To do this, I have always made my own study guides and reviews for tests. By relaying back the information and trying to fit it back together as if someone else was going to learn the information, I often am able to make even more connections and in-depth thoughts and theories about the subject matter than I had received from lectures. Teaching the material back to myself also gives me much more confidence in my answers and skills. Re-writing information into a new self-assignment also helps me with my memorization of ideas and content. Once I had a discussion with a teacher who told me they felt they had learned much more from their students than they thought they could ever teach them and I think that is an important mechanism for educators to take advantage of. Instead of teaching a student, a student should be taught to teach themselves.

Landon from Oregon
High School Senior
Molalla High School