Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I am studying Computer Science because I find it fascinating. What started as an interest in just using them developed into a growing desire to understand how a collection of simple ideas and components can interact. The world of computers is growing at a un-recordable rate every day. Majoring in Computer Science will provide me with practical tools that will prove vital to a career in software development. At first, I was drawn to them because I was interactive with computer games. However, the more I operated with computers, the more I began to appreciate the understanding of how they work and discovering just how much they can do near limitless potential. Now that I am in my last semester at MC, where I studied mathematics, physics, biology and programming courses, I am convinced that computer science is my way. This is a STEM major with an extensive knowledge that can be widely applied in research, development, and management, as well as providing other backup services like engineering or IT services.
Computer science helped me in designing and operating various hardware items in the world of computers and related technology. This is a branch of science studies that explores the world of technology and the possibilities that computer use has to offer humanity. Predicting weather patterns, alerting on disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes etc. are all practical applications done with the help of a computer. This is closely associated with engineers, a course under STEM that has seen a man make rapid advances in his social progress. Engineers are the real craftsmen who bring conceptualized designs to life by manufacturing and assembling various products that have helped humanity in one way or the other. It is thanks to engineers that people can take flights and transact businesses bond their bonders.

Mahamud from Maryland
College Sophomore
University of Maryland