Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always gone two ways when it comes to preparing for tests. Either I do very little in terms of studying or do as much studying as possible. The latter usually arrives with a very important or impactful test in the near future. When it comes to an intense amount of studying before a large test, I usually prefer more than less. The first thing I focus on is doing as much practice as possible. Whatever the subject, a large number of practice problems will always help me feel more prepared and ready to take the test. During these practice problems, whenever I feel stuck or confused about a topic, I go back into my notes and use them to finish the problem. If I still feel stuck or confused about that topic, I go to youtube or other sites to help me further understand the topic that is giving me trouble. This usually works for me because there is no shortage of practice problems that you can find online or in your school. My teachers at my high school are always more than accommodating whenever I ask for test prep and practice problems. Also, practice problems always leave me feeling prepared for any problem that will be asked on the test. I feel that if a subject is very equation heavy, it is much more beneficial to get more practice solving problems with those equations than it is to just stare at them in your notebook or write them down a thousand times. I also find that it's so much easier to keep my attention when I'm doing practice problems that will represent what I will be seeing on the test.

William from Connecticut
High School Senior
Mark T. Sheehan High School