Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The concept is simple, we expect athletes to practice heavily and use everything in their abilities in order to achieve success. Yet, many students are convinced that one day’s worth of studying, pulling an all-nighter, and large amounts of caffeinated drinks will do the trick. I admittadly use to be one of those naive students. However, advancing into my sciences classes, where the courses are mainly exam based, realization hit me hard, I quickly raced to find test preparations tactics that would work for me and generate the results I needed. I finally cracked the code to test preparation for myself. My approach is long but effective. Generally for each course or exam, I take the material that I have, such as my powerpoint, articles, etc. and I go through the whole thing reading, annotating, and writing down questions and concepts that I am unfamiliar with. Then, I do some research on things I need clarification on. Once I have my final list of notes or concerns, I seek out an expert for verbal/visual explanation, mainly my professors. After all questions are answered and I have more of a good understanding of the topic, I print out a new fresh set of slides from my power point. I aim to fill out everything I have learned and that has stuck into my memory. Things I leave blank are the ones I know I need to focus more of my attention on. Lastly, I do one more round of reviews starting on the topics I struggled with first, then working my way through the comprehensive review. Once I am confident in the content, I usually seek out a study group where we can discuss and ask one another potential exam questions, or even help teach the material to others. Teaching other peers is a fantastic tool that has truly helped me solidify my knowledge and confidence in the content I am try to learn. Moreover, time management and healthy habits also aid in increasing success on exams. With this in mind, relax, breathe, and dig in those brain files .You are sure to ace the test.

Savian from Colorado
College Junior
University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus