Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Teaching and learning have a symbiotic relationship. In order to teach, one must learn the subject but to truly learn it, one must teach it.
Usually, biotechnology concepts come easy to me in lab as long as they are biology focused. This caused a lot of my friends to look to me for help when they were lost when studying Hydrogen interaction columns. Spoiler alert: this was a very chemistry focused topic and chemistry is not my strong suit.
I had two options: master the topic in a minute or let them all down. My choice was clear. I used the one second I asked for to rapidly analyze the diagrams and attempt to understand the function of DNA's charge in its isolation. Did I get it? Not quite but I needed to help out. It was my responsibility to ensure they understood it, even if I did not.
The more I talked through it, the more it made sense. They were no longer just words on the page- they became my words. Every word helped me piece it together more. The column left negatively charged particles such as DNA bound to the column through hydrogen interactions, Opposites attract. Positive hydrogens stick to negative DNA and all else is washed away with a wash buffer. Neutralize the column with another buffer to disrupt the hydrogen interactions so the DNA will fall off in the tube.
I aced the exam. It was simple science. I actually understood it by blindly teaching it to others. Since then, I teach anyone I can about the topics to prepare for exams. If I cannot find anyone, I teach my cat all about thermochemistry or trigonometric functions. Everyone benefits, especially my attention hungry cat and all those around me as it is the easiest immersive studying process possible.

Isabella from Massachusetts
High School Senior
Worcester Tecnical High School