Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Tests are meant to evaluate your comprehension of a certain subject. The weeks, days, and minutes leading up to a test can cause someone to become extremely anxious and stressed. And something that adds to this stress that one feels, is the lack of knowing good study practices. There are few people in the world who can just take a test without preparation and pass. But most of us need to study. My study habits consist of flashcards and making my own study guide.
Flashcards are not a new concept, but the way we create flashcards has changed. We used papers or index cards to write the concepts or ideas we were trying to learn. I would usually study with my parents or sister and I wouldn’t stop till I got them all right. But recently apps like quizlet have been invented. Now I can easily make flashcards anywhere digitally. In addition I can study them on a computer, phone, or print them out. But it doesn’t end there. They also have other options like “learn it,” “take practice test,” etc. Each option allows for a different way to learn the content and it is super helpful.
Study guides, also not a new concept, but I value making them myself. When I was younger teachers always provided study guides. But I don’t think that helped me retain the information. Once teachers stopped giving study guides, I had to learn how to create my own. Usually I look through my own notes and physically write down the important information that I think I will be tested on. Then I take it one further and go through the professors/teachers powerpoints to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Once I have finished the study guide I either teach it to someone else or rehearse the info in the mirror. I think that this extra repetition helps a lot with retaining information.
Tests can be stressful, but when one is prepared it puts the mind at ease.The techniques I use I believe really help to retain the information even after the test is over.

Sidney from Utah
College Sophomore
University of Utah