Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being a health care student, I am constantly having practical’s, quizzes, tests, and seminars. There is so much content that has to be studied, and so many different courses, sometimes it is hard to prepare for everything being put on my plate, and I feel the pressure and stress. When I got into my second year of college, I really learned new studying techniques and what I think worked best for me. I learned that being in the healthcare field, the medical terminology was extremely important. After I would study a PowerPoint, go over my notes, and read the assigned chapters, I would find the words that I either did not understand, or take the words that I saw were constantly showing up, and made flashcards and quizlets to study their definitions and how they can be used. On top of that, I would also create my own quizzes, which is what I found to be the most helpful in preparing for my exams. I would create questions based on what was asked in class, in PowerPoints, or in the textbook. I would write out the questions that were asked, put a selection of answers and then go back and answer the question correctly. I would make and practice several copies until I really felt like I understood how to correctly answer the questions being asked of me. I would also redo practice quizzes that were handed out, by writing different questions based off words we would have to know. Rewriting and constantly going back to review helped me to properly understand the material and really know what the words and topics meant. Using these methods have helped me successfully pass three years of medical exams and practical’s, and help me to feel like I really understand the material I am learning.

Mackenzie from Pennsylvania
College Junior
Immaculata University