Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For as long as I can remember I have always been the “odd student” who exclaimed “yes” with excitement when the teacher announced a pop quiz, test, and/ or benchmark assessment. My love for competition and my knowledge may have much to credit for when it comes to my attitude towards testing in any form. However, the idea is not to jump right into testing because you are excited; the goal is to be prepared, relaxed, and motivated enough to succeed at the highest degree. There are several ways to prepare for success in knowledge testing.
First and foremost, I like to prepare my mind to retain the curriculum that will be on the test. How do I retain the curriculum? Combining a few different techniques such as flashcards, reviewing/ highlighting notes, online courses that reteach and challenge my knowledge. Whether the flashcards are customized or borrow flashcards from study sites like “Quizlet.com”, the idea of quick and simple answers for general topics can bring a brief overview of which direction your answer should be in. Also, textbook reviewing, highlighting, and note-taking, the” T Chart method”, for example, organizes the information so that it is simpler to digest. The final knowledge prep technique I use consists of watching recorded lessons on websites like Khan Academy and Mometrix.com. These websites also offer you the ability to track your growth by completing small assessments. These methods have worked exceptionally for me in the past; the repetition, the re-learning, and the personal knowledge testing helps me to see my room for improvement against my strengths.
Secondly, once I have prepared myself with enough knowledge it is vital that I meditate and relax my mind, body, and soul. This allows me to calm my mind and ingest all important material at a more permanent effect. There are multiple ways to relax after studying such as Deep breathing, taking a peppermint, listening to relaxing music, and stretching or practicing yoga. These are hobbies I enjoy outside of any idea of testing. However, after filling your headspace with so much information, it is best to allow your mind some “free time” to process everything. This strategy causes the new knowledge to stay as opposed to disappearing after a “5-minute cram” immediately before a test.
Finally, after relaxing and preparing the mind, it is now time to motivate yourself for the “Big moment”. Before tackling any challenge that is ahead of me, I prefer, to fill myself with positive self-talk, encouragement, and confidence to ensure my success. I tell myself things like “I am knowledgeable”, “I am successful”, “I will achieve my best” because it gives me the confidence, I need to gracefully ace my test. This strategy causes you to avoid hesitation on answering any question and the power to listen to yourself. You have your power back.
Overall, my unique methods to prepare for a knowledge check are to; engage my mind with the proper curriculum to be in alignment with the topic, calm my mind to retain the information that I have studied, and lastly, I motivate myself immediately before even getting a test form on my desk or computer screen. When these techniques are combined with consistency it will cause great effects and the chances of you failing any test dropping to less than 30%.

Tashelia from Georgia
College Freshman
University of Phoenix