Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

"Mom, I can't go to school today." That was how my day would start if I knew I had a test. I was a good student, I just had a fear of taking tests. I think it was the set amount of time that I found intimidating. Whatever it was, I found myself freaking out each time I had to face a test.
As a thirteen year old, I confronted my fears head on. My mother enrolled me in a test prep class at the local community college. I spent many days that summer, sitting in a class with other kids aged 12-18, trying to find techniques to over come our fears. Honestly, nothing really clicked for me in that class. I think the main thing, was just knowing that I had acknowledge my fears and that I was not alone - many others struggle when faced with a test.
Now, five years later, I am still an A student, and tests are still my Achilles heal. I will likely have As on everything else , with high Bs on tests. The difference now, is that I don't panic or fall apart. I have allowed myself to accept the high B or low A, knowing everything else I do in the class will be top notch quality.
So what do I do to prepare? I stay up to date on all my assignments. I make sure I do all the assigned reading. I make note cards to study from. I eat right and get enough sleep. I try to keep my life orderly and uncluttered, knowing that staying organized is the key for me. And when I stress or reach a mind block, I go for a long run. That's right, I run out my stress. There is something therapeutic about feet pounding the pavement!
Is there a right way to study for a test? Can preparation take away the stress? There is no "one size fits all" in my mind. With so many personalities and styles of learning, each person must find what works for her.

Jessica from Oregon
High School Senior
Liberty High School