Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing for tests is very important to me because I try very hard to get good grades. I am a classified student and taking them can be challenging cause I may need accommodations added to help me succeded. This won't always mean always get that perfect grade so I strive for greatness and study as much as I can for the test that I have coming up. When I study for a test I am a visual learner so I have to look at it and say Over and over so It will stick. I also use flashcards To help learn the material faster and easier. I usually finished the study guide early on when I get it, so that my teacher can look it over to make sure I have all the right Infomation for the test. I feel that all kids from any grades should do this because it will let them know if they are missing something that could possibly show up on the test. I am also a fan of Quizlet. I think that It's a great tool because you can use all the different exercises like Quizlet learn and test. These different applications are very useful to help learn the information for success on the test. I use all these different techniques in my psychology and anatomy class with all the information I get for the test I have to take. Everyone has their own form of studying to help them get a good grade on tests. These are just the tools that help me out when preparing for tests in my classes.

Joseph from New Jersey
High School Senior
Point plesant beach High School