Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I was in sixth grade, I had one of the most influential teachers of my life. She had taught at my school for more than thirty years and was known for her ways of teaching. I was told that she was extremely strict, and, as soon as I stepped foot into her class on the first day, I understood why. If we were not sitting up straight, she would take our chair and have us stand the rest of class. If we were not working well and the lunch bell rang, she would not hesitate to send us late to lunch. If any letter in the alphabet was not written correctly, we would lose points on the assignment. With that being said, as a soft spoken and gentle twelve year old, I was quite timid to enter her classroom everyday. Nevertheless, she pushed me to become the best student I could be. One of the most vital skills that she taught me was how to study effectively, which is a skill that I still use today. She would assign us a date for a test, and I would wait until the night before to study for the test so that it would be fresh on my mind. However, test day would come, and my teacher would say "actually, let's take the test tomorrow." As a result, I would study for hours, again, to prepare for the test. Only the next day, my teacher would say the same thing: "sorry guys, we'll take it tomorrow instead." She would do this for an entire week sometimes, causing me to feel the need to study every night. I asked my parents why she was doing this, and they told me how she was teaching the class how to study. My teacher taught me that preparing for a test means studying along the way- not cramming it in at the last minute. Doing this has helped me become much more confident in my test material and not be as nervous during tests. Although it is easy for me to worry and stress over my grades and schoolwork, I have learned that prepping takes time. And, by taking advantage of that time, I am capable of growing in confidence and can be proud of the effort going into my tests.

Emma from Tennessee
High School Senior
Tennessee High School