Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I use practice tests and Quizlet. I used to only use Quizlet to study by just memorizing definitions of words but never applying the terms to a concept we were learning in class. I’ve found recently that using practice questions in addition to Quizlet helps me apply the terms in a way that tests in school want me to. It really helped me in AP Government and Macroeconomics. At first, I only used definitions despite the fact that the entire course was application and my grade suffered a little because of it. When I switched to practice tests and questions from a book recommended by my teacher, I noticed when taking the test, most of the questions were the same as the practice ones word for word with just the number changed slightly. In the past, I have tried re-writing notes or reading the textbook because my friends had said it worked for them but I never found that to be the case. I need to be actively engaging with the information which just reading words doesn’t allow me to do effectively. When I use Quizlet, I write the term and the definition myself and I need to summarize an expansive topic or idea into a few sentences. My freshman year, I used to write paragraphs for each term but it was too much information to fully memorize at one time. So now, I read the information, think about the most important pieces of information I need to include, and put it into “common language” for future me and other people who will use my Quizlet set. Practice questions also let me engage with the information when I have to deconstruct the difficult wording and try to see through the tricks that are inevitably hidden in the questions. I wouldn’t say these test preparation practices are that unique but they have worked the best for me in high school which is why they are my favorite and I recommend that everybody try them.

Mia from California
High School Senior
Amador Valley High School