Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me as an individual, a study technique that works well for my brain is simply reading the material as many times as possible. Repetition is a key that has helped me prepare effectively for tests. For a more general technique, I have a memorization method that works well because it relies on developing multiple sensory connections.
Step 1: Take whatever you need to memorize and break it into several chunks.
Step 2: Get a different colored pen or marker for each of your chunks.
Step 3: Write out the first chunk in its specific color. As you write, read what you are writing out loud.
Step 4: Repeat with all of your chunks, using a different color each time.
step 5: When you have finished, reach through the entire thing out loud. As you read, take your finger and point to each word as you say it.
This method works well because it engages your senses. The different colors stimulate your visual centers. Reading out loud stimulates auditory centers, as well as tactile ones (forming the word with your lips.) Finally, the act of handwriting and touching each word also stimulates tactile centers. The only sense that is not engaged is the sense of smell, which can be remedied by using scented markers. Memory Champions say that establishing sensory connections to things helps you remember them better. My technique incorporates this idea and it has worked well for me. From speech to poetry, to vocab and formulas, this technique has served me well. I hope it helps! Happy Studying!

Clare from Nebraska
High School Senior
Pius X