Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Hello, My name is Mike Rosenbluth. I am a Senior at Druid Hills High School in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been attending Druid Hills High School for 2 years, transferring from Dekalb School of the Arts where I played the Violin. I take a lot of pride in my schoolwork due to the fact that when I was in Elementary school I did not have the best teaching. On top of that, I have a learning disability called Visual Processing Disorder which made it increasingly harder to learn.
When approaching a quiz I know I have to study for I first start off by using a graph paper to split up a paper into two sections. I label each section with what I already know and what I want to know. I make sure to write everything down so It goes into my head as a refresher for the first time. It also gives me a sort of outline at how much studying is needed by seeing how much I know vs. need to know. From here I've made a clear plan of what I need to do and I insert everything into Quizlet. I put both sections in there so I can review the summation later. I think Quizlet is a superior application to use when studying because of how many different ways you can use it. It can read it out to you which is very very useful to me in that it is a different angle of strategy to remember something. Quizlet also allows you to go through material very quickly allowing for more repetitions. From here I use the favorite application to target what I don't know and it allows me to study that more. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Mike from Georgia
High School Senior
Druid Hills High School