Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Depending on the subject, I use a few different techniques. Tests that require memorization I use many techniques. If it is a class that takes notes, I read one section of notes, read the next section, and then return to the previous section of notes and copy it down. Then I go to the next section, go back and copy notes, and so on. This technique helps because I am not only reviewing all of the information, but I am also giving time for the information to sink in. If I get enough time to prepare before a test, I do both the previous technique and wait a day before I review again. This time I make flashcards and I test myself on all of the information. If I get one incorrect, I will star it or put it in a separate pile. Then once I review all of the material, I return to the pile I got incorrect and review all of them. I then mix them up and start again. Once I have done all of this, I wait until the night before the test or quiz and I reread all of my notes.

Alexandra from Tennessee
High School Senior
Tennessee High School