Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Great test preparation practices come with time and dedication. I have learned to sit down in a clean area and set a time period of reading over the information little by little. I set a timer for an hour to go over the information I need to, and I designate ten to fifteenth minutes to go outside, or eat some food. I have soft music playing in the background to help me concentrate on what I am learning. This way works best for me because I need some music playing, but everything else needs to be quiet so I don't get distracted. I have learned having two younger sibling to do it later at night because they are asleep. When I take my ten to fifteen minutes I always drink water and I dance around my room to get out all of my jitters, so I can sit down and focus. If I can't remember something after I go over it three to four times, I always repeat it five times and write it down three times. It works wonders because the next day I remember what I said at night. I have found test preparation practices that work for me, I think my favorite part is dancing around my room during my break time.

Adelaide from Arkansas
High School Senior
Greenbrier High School