Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I entered high school, I realized that I had to change my test preparation strategies in order to pursue my future goals. This task was difficult in the past, as I have faced the challenges of an Autism diagnosis. At the time, I was considered below average to my peers; through the following strategies, I am now capable of taking honors and Advanced Placement classes.
These are the things that I practice before a test or large project: keeping track of weekly activities, not procrastinating, rewriting notes, utilizing online supplements, using self-advocacy, and keeping track of physical well-being.
When I have a test or huge project coming up in the week, I list my weekly activities. Each day, I study and complete my homework, even when I have a busy day. In fact, I have taken my schoolwork to certain activities (Boy Scouts, youth group) to make sure that it is completed. During my time in high school, I have learned that procrastination prevents me from keeping up with certain classes. To prevent this, I take care of my assignments right away. When I am preparing for a test, I rewrite my notes on paper and not on a computer. I find that I remember this information more vividly. In addition to rewriting notes, I also use online resources such as flashcards and videos as a supplement to my studying. If I am unsure about a particular topic, or if I am struggling with a concept, I reach out to my teachers, usually by email. I get my questions cleared up before an exam or a project. This strategy of self-advocacy is something that I learned in social skills. I can say that it has helped me become an exceptional student. Lastly, I make sure that I maintain healthy eating and exercise habits. I find that my brain is clearer and stronger.
I will continue to utilize these skills as I head into college. Because I know that these strategies have worked for me, it will greatly benefit me when I am in college.

Gabriel from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Souderton Area High School