Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I always make sure to set a goal for all of my tests- this can be small or big, for the day or the year. For example, for my Human Biology class, every day I set a goal to read 5 pages from the chapter we are studying. My goal for the week may be to complete the entire chapter. This way I complete small sections each day, so on the few days before the test I simply review what I have already learned.

This technique also helps to keep me motivated. If I had waited to read the chapter the day before the test, I would be pressuring myself too much and probably would also be up the entire night. With this technique, I spread out the work, so I am not as tired by the end of studying. When I get a good grade on the assessment, it also makes me feel good! Since I went into the test well-rested and confident, I did not have to cram or be too nervous before the test.

For subjects like Biology and Chemistry, I have found that using flashcards to study and memorize has been very beneficial to learn human anatomy and chemical bonds.

It is also important to do active learning, not passive learning. Yes, there is a big difference! Teaching others concepts, flash cards (Quizlet and Anki), practice problems, and quizzing yourself are all active learning, as you are using the concepts, rather than just reading the same class notes over and over again (passive learning). When I create flashcards and teach others the concepts in question, I repeat the concepts in my own words, rather than simply knowing what my teacher told me. While it helps me to say concepts and questions out loud, others may learn by writing things down. With the advanced technology available today, test preparation has become so much easier and convenient.

One weird thing I have always loved having as a last resort is acronyms! If I simply can not understand a concept or memorize something, I try to make it into an acronym.

Megha from Connecticut
High School Senior
Wilton High School