Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I consider the best study tool to be flash cards. Millions of people and companies across the world would agree with. Consider companies such as Quizlet and Khan Academy they go as far as to include electronic flash cards in their applications. Because they understand the importance of the study tool for many people. For many families across the world when teaching their children they include flash cards as a study tool for example many families use flashcards to teach babies their ABC’s. Not because it's just the normal but because it actually works for many people and tends to be the best way of studying. For me I use flash cards to help me prepare for speech competitions. I used flash cards this year and last year when preparing for competition for the Business Professional of America prepared Speech Secondary competition.Last year I took third in state and this year I placed second at state. The constant factor in my success would be the use of flash cards considering that through preparations last year I worked with multiple people and this year I did the same, but we would always use flashcards to study. Each year I used flashcards and came out a winner. So flash cards are my favorite and most used study tool.

Katelynn from Oklahoma
High School Senior
Thomas A. Edison Preparatory Highschool