Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The way I prepare for a test depends on the subject. Since math is my favorite subject i'll do my test preparation strategies for math. One test preparation strategy I would recommend would be to do practice problems, to see if you understand the work. If you don't understand the work,in this case math, then you could go on Khan academy or Youtube and look up how to do certain problems. Another thing i do when trying to prepare for my math tests would be to call a classmate and talk it over with them. Things like Khan Academy help me because the videos break down problems and explain what everything means, and why it needs to be done. Often times after watching these videos I look up problems to do on my own to see if i completely grasp the subject. Even when I do understand the work, I call one of my classmates and we review previous test/quizzes to see what we got wrong and why. We figure out why the answer we chose was wrong and which answer was correct. Talking to a classmate helps me prepare for tests because he/she might explain the problem in a more understandable way than the teacher did. There are many test preparation strategies, I only named a few that i do,I hope these help!

Ginger from Illinois
High School Senior
kenwood academy