Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Testing has never really been my strong suit, but my studying tactics sizes me up for the challenge. When studying I follow my three step routine. The first step is to write it. When taking notes I make sure to write it out rather than type it out. Writing my notes forces me to focus and interpret what I am learning. It also give me the flexibility to organize and write in terms that I can understand. The second step is to speak it. After writing out my notes i always read them aloud to myself. Hearing the notes allows me to comprehend what is being read and digest it for understand. Also, by saying it aloud I have to think about what is being said and it becomes embedded in my brain. And lastly the third step is to sing it. Although you don't actually have to sing your notes listening to music on a low volume helps with retention. Listening to music while taking notes creates a connection. When I can recall certain parts of a song I can remember what part of my notes I was working on. These three steps are always my go to when preparing for a big test.

Michal from Ohio
High School Senior
Amherst Steele Highschool