Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Time is an exhaustible and valuable resource. Although our time on this earth is finite, the manner in which we utilize our time may produce limitless possibilities. The skill of time management is an invaluable resource honed by mental discipline. Developing a mindset oriented towards focusing on your priorities, goals, and objectives is an imperative aspect of learning how to properly manage your time. Throughout my four years of high school, I have effectively managed my allotted time, which has in turn provided me with ample opportunities to achieve excellence in the realm of athletics and academia.
Throughout the past four years, I adapted to a rigorous school and work schedule. I knew that in order to achieve success I needed to discover a way to juggle the demands of a heavy course load, high athletic expectations, community service, and work. The solution to balancing these tasks was time management. I had to find the most efficient way to manage my time in order to execute the aforementioned tasks at the apex of my abilities.
I found balance by prioritizing my goals. Commitment to prioritizing what is important in my life has led me to excel academically and athletically. As a result of effectively managing my time, I found myself in Beta Club and National Honor Society which combined has allowed me to commit over 100 hours of community service; I also work with the CSRA Referee Association, all while maintaining an A average. I have attacked each of my extracurricular and academic activities with the utmost effort and intensity because of my mental discipline and focus.
The ability to execute consistently in the face of adversity and consistently on a day to day basis is another way in which I effectively manage my time. I have adhered to the idea of achieving my utmost potential on a consistent basis even in the midst of tragedy. The summer of my sophomore year, my father passed away. His passing shook me to my very core, but I knew that I

Morgan from Georgia
High School Senior
Augusta Christian Schools