Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

It was no surprise when I discovered that Washington Post reported in 2015 that the average student in America's big-city public schools takes about 112 mandatory standardized tests before college. These are exams like the SAT that have the power to transform someone’s future; although they are fantastic opportunities, they are, as a result, extremely overwhelming, and students continuously struggle to prepare for these performances. This is no exception in college, as we continuously watch students spending dreadful nights in libraries stressing over their midterms and final exams. Therefore, as an experienced test-taker myself, I want to share some of my favorite strategies that have helped me conquer some of the most difficult exams.

The most important tip is to start early- definitely not the day before. Paying attention in class is part of the preparation itself; by slowly developing long-term memory and familiarity of the concepts earlier, it takes off the burden of having to cram months of materials in one week. The earlier one starts, the more information one will remember.
As much emphasis I would like to give to studying early, studying intelligently is also crucial. By simply developing a scope of what will be covered on the exam and the depth to which the questions will be asked, one can save an enormous amount of time. This is what office hours in college are designed for; professors are willing to provide as much legal help as possible.
Finally, reteaching or explaining the material to a classmate has been extremely effective. This benefits both parties because the person who is teaching the concept also gets an opportunity to decipher the most important details to remember and get a firm understanding of the material.
Test-taking is a crucial strategy that makes a successful student stand out from the others. Anyone can get a perfect 1600 on the SAT, 100 on the final, or a 340 on the GRE, and my strategies are definitely great places to start.

Hyeong Kyun from Indiana
College Freshman
Purdue University