Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always enjoyed studying and making fun ways to prepare for tests and hard exams in all of my classes. Before every exam, I lay out all of my notes into categories based on their subject and their level of difficulty that I had understanding them when they were taught. Each of my classes have been color coded throughout all my years of high school and that has helped me keep notes, assignments, and exams prepared in my head. Typically, I have used Quizlet as a platform to study for tests that I have found easy to comprehend, or things that did not require as much study time. When I used Quizlet, I would study about an hour every night, the week before tests to ensure I covered all of the material that could show up on the test. For harder classes, I made physical flashcards and studied for longer periods of time the week before my exams. Many of my classes included diagrams, which I would print out for my notecards, and then detail what was needed to be learned on the other side of the card. These techniques really worked in my favor throughout high school, as I rarely felt underprepared for an exam, and in most of my classes I would score almost always above 93%. The majority of my friends and peers in classes would ask to borrow my note cards for test and for me to help them study. I had a pouch that contained all of my notecards for my classes this year, which I had color coded and separated for each of my classes so that everything would be easily accessible and organized.

Abigail from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Cumberland Valley High School