Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My name is Arianna De Anda and I am a senior in high school, throughout my High school career I had to switch tins of methods on how to correctly prepare myself for exams or quizzes. The only one that stood out and really helped me pass successfully is one hour a day I would use my flash cards for a certain subject and reread them. After I will rewrite everything out on a separate sheet and try to memorize it. Following that I will prepare myself a week in advance. I will repeatedly this method the whole week. For math I prepare it by finding out which questions I really struggle with and watch YouTube videos on how it’s prepared, after I will look up questions exactly like it and try it out for myself. These methods work for me because I’m a visual learner and need to see it on paper and need to see it done before I can try and accomplish it.

Arianna from California
High School Senior
John W North