Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation is the most important, yet, most time consuming and boring part of preparing oneself for an exam, that is only if you don’t find a creative and productive way to study. I have learned from past experience that waiting until the night before an exam to cram all I can into my brain is extremely stressful and does not help me prepare in the slightest. I find the most productive way to prepare for a test is to make your learning material creative with the use of Cornell note-taking and flashcards, the use of various fonts and sizes of words, and doodles.
How you take notes affects how you will be able to remember information. If your notes are messy and unreadable, they are ineffective. Cornell notes are a way to organize your notes and add your uniqueness to them. Cornell notes are created by drawing a horizontal line underneath the header of a piece of lined notebook paper and a vertical line one-inch from the edge. Titles of your notes go in the top part, notes go in the middle, and questions to recap your information go in the side section. This is my go-to note-taking method because I am able to take my notes and then go back and answer my questions to help me recall what I have just learned. Flashcards are another productive way to prepare for exams because it is like a game. You have to match the definition with a word associated, making you recall previous information.
As a person who loves Pinterest and has a creative personality, Cornell note-taking and flashcards can be some of the dullest ways to take notes, but I find the use of different fonts and sizes of words to make notes much more enticing. Uniqueness can eliminate borning texts and make notes much easier to navigate. Even the use of small doodles and images can help you remember the topic that you are studying. For example, I am currently in astronomy and we recently covered the topic of Jupiter. I used Cornell note-taking to write down important information and then drew a little doodle of Jupiter to help me remember some important features that it possesses. Even when taking notes digitally, different letter styles, sizes, and clip art are available to spice up your notes.

Katelyn from Oklahoma
College Freshman
Tulsa Community College