Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to test taking, I find that the best way to get an amazing score is to simple try. This sounds pretty simple, and somewhat strange because most people almost always try to get good test scores. I don't know many people who purposely sabotage their own scores. But besides a personal saboteur, to try to make a good score is easy! All you have to do is Take the exam, Remember what you have learned, and tell yourself that "You can do this!"
Taking the exam is the simple part, anyone can sit down in front of a plethora of questions, the more complex part is trying to Remember what you have learned, and how to apply your knowledge correctly. The Remembering step is harder because to Remember, you have to know, and if you don't quite know you have to boot-camp-study all your troubled areas. For example, I have a hard time rapping my mind around all the concepts of Calculus, so before I take my tests, I make sure to study the mess out of limits and mean value theorems etc... Once I'm able to correctly apply my knowledge, I don't stop studying. I continue to check my knowledge all the way up until the test, so that it is piping hot and fresh on my brain.
As I am taking the test, I will most likely find myself upon a question that makes absolutely no sense to me, and I will start to have a miniature panic attack. Then I'll start slipping away, the searing tears begin to bubble up clouding my vision, then my inner janitor kicks down my wall of emotional nonsense, mops up my tears mean while my inner hype-man continuously cheers me on saying that "You can do this!" (Even if I can't actually do this particular question, tackling it with confidence allows me to do the rest of the exam without being bogged down.)
T.R.Y.ing to take a test is a great way to get the best score that you can. It sure has worked for me. Good luck on you next test, I know that your gonna do great!

Victoria from Arkansas
High School Senior
Greenbrier High School