Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying: something all students need to do, but never want to do. For me, studying is something I almost enjoy accomplishing because of the way I prepare. When preparing for a test, I rewrite my notes, make flashcards, and try to teach the topic to someone else. While these methods may not be the best for everyone, I recommend everyone tries these techniques to see what works best.
In class, I make sure to take organized and accurate notes, but I don’t spend time making them pretty. Instead, I get all of the information written down, then I go back and rewrite my notes. Rewriting my notes allows me to organize the information in a way that makes sense to me. I also review the information while rewriting to make sure I understand why I wrote those notes down. In addition to rewriting my notes, I add color by means of highlighters or colored pens so I can identify the important aspects of my notes. Adding color also makes my notes more aesthetically pleasing which never hurts.
After rewriting my notes, I then look for definitions or important elements to transfer to flashcards. While technology now provides websites like “Quizlet” to make flashcards, I have found that handwriting each flashcard helps me retain the information better. By handwriting them I can also highlight or mark the cards that I feel are more important.
Once I have rewritten my notes and made flashcards, I attempt the role of teacher. I have found that trying to explain the concepts to friends is the best study method. This method is especially beneficial when studying in groups of friends for the same exam. In a group setting, you can study and practice the material by trying to answer a friend’s question about the topic. Explaining the information tests your knowledge and helps to prepare for an exam.
Overall, studying is not something that needs to be a burden, with the right methods studying can be enjoyable and effective. Personally, the methods discussed are what work best for me.

Makenzie from Pennsylvania
College Freshman
Pennsylvania State University