Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Well, since this is all about my own test preparation practices and what works for me, I’m going to be completely transparent; I am a victim of my own procrastination, so I don’t study until the last minute.

Firstly, you may have read that and thought it was a bit odd of me to call myself a victim, given the circumstances. Secondly, we’ve all been told that procrastination is a negative habit, so why am I writing this when my practices don’t seem all that good? I’ll tell you this: it’s not as it seems.

Currently, I am a freshman in college but would be considered a junior by credits. This is due to my drive to graduate as the valedictorian of my high school, which did happen. Loading up on six AP classes in one year was hard work; however, I was still a procrastinator. With that being said, just because I procrastinated doesn’t mean that I ever turned in any assignments late. Personally, I liked having the pressure of a looming deadline, because it kept me from getting distracted. So, before I get into my test preparation practices, I would just like to say that procrastination should not be cast under the negative light that it is currently under. It’s all about time management and what you can realistically do in a given time frame. Some people need all week to study for a test, while others may need one day. There should be no shame in either one.

Now, for my test preparation practices, I believe that preparation should actually begin on the very first day of class. For me, I actively take notes. By doing this, I am not only learning but also preparing for when I actually have to study, because when it’s time, all I do is read over my notes, work out all the problems in my notes, and complete a practice test, using my notes as a guide. Every part of my test preparation is based on my notes and I would not be able to procrastinate as much as I do without them. So, whether you're also a victim of procrastination or not, I would advise active note taking.

Ashley from Oklahoma
College Freshman
University of Oklahoma