Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Not everyone can learn/study by just listening or reading a giant book over and over again. I'm a visual learner so for me, I usually study in chunks. I would make diagrams for each chapter. At the end of a semester, I would make a giant one with the original chapter ones and just connected them all together at the end. I would also make notes for semester one on how each one was connected with added lines. I had regular class notes but the notes that were on the chart were the most important things like definitions or formulas. They were things that I knew I would have a harder time remembering. With the colors, it would give me something to look at and be intrigued. This worked for me because I made a color scheme for each chapter so I can recognize it when it was hanged or seen from far. It also worked because I put things on the chart I needed help with / the most important things. Also, I would use Khan Academy for SAT practice in which they would customize personal training in the areas I needed.

Kristal from California
High School Senior
San Jose High school