Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Personally, as a musician, I employ a practice technique I have developed in that field by studying once a day for however long it takes me to cover the materials pertinent to the test I am preparing for. I find that consistency in my studying habits over a healthy period before the test, give or take about two to three weeks, is essential to allow myself time to cover all materials equally. Likewise, I also value studying at night, close to when I rest, as I feel I retain the information longer after I study if my brain is given the opportunity to process it without any other conscious activity I experience while I am awake. Practically, when I am approaching the deadline for studying prior to a test, I devise sample tests based around what I have studied to simulate questions and scenarios on the test. Naturally, this is a process made significantly easier with a provided study guide; however, I still make the effort to test myself under stringent conditions regardless of whether I have a study guide. Depending on the circumstances of the test, if it is a cumulative test spanning a semester’s worth of information, I also reference earlier tests to revisit topics and ideas that may not have the same prevalence in my mind as before. Lastly, separate from the act of studying itself, I believe self-care through healthy eating, sleep, and support from family or colleagues is an invaluable morale booster that can keep one in a positive, yet realistic, mindset.

Tab from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona