Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When I am preparing for a test I start off by reading through the material and taking notes. I will take notes of anything that seems important to me especially lists, bold or italicized words, and the main theme of each chapter or section within the chapter. I take these notes in a Word Document program and use the bullet point feature so I can keep track of headings and keep everything well-organized. I learn best when things are organized and in order.

Once I've completed reading the assigned chapters, I check to see if the teacher has any notes. I will read through their notes and add anything I may have missed to my own notes. I then read through my notes first to myself and then out loud several times a day. One day I'll read them from start to finish, the next I might read them from back to front so that I don't always read them in the same order. This helps me to memorize the information which makes it easier to recall on a test.

If the information is particularly challenging for me, I try to sit down with a friend or relative and discuss the information with them, explaining it to them as if they were the student. This helps me know how much of it I really understand and what I need to work on.

Finally, I'll go online and watch YouTube videos or find interactive programs that discuss the material that way I'm not just getting it through one way, reading, but in multiple ways to help me remember it.

Tara from South Carolina
College Sophomore
Southeastern University