Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Knowing is half the battle, so preparing for an upcoming test requires your undivided attention. Whether your looking over notes, or simply want to pass the class, your phone is the biggest threat to achieving that passing grade. A small supercomputer that grants access to anything beyond your imagination in a matter of seconds is enough to make anyone put off what they were doing and lose themselves. You can't multitask, yet your phone calls to you, with it, the world’s meaningless YouTube videos to suck you into its rich, short lived, entertainment your brain so utterly feasts upon.
Consciously telling yourself to turn off the phone is a good exercise. You have to impulsively react according to what you just told yourself, and follow through it. You’re practicing willpower. Letting yourself know that you’re not governed by this small piece of tech, proves you gasp a level of maturity. You'd be surprised how productive you are when you don't have it with you. You choose to study willingly. “But I listen to music while I study, what about me?” If you can, more power to you. If you know your phone is going go distract you, stuff it in your sock drawer.
After a grueling study session, your brain deserves a good night’s rest. You can power on your phone again, but only to set the alarm. The brain needs time to collect itself after being bombarded all the information you just fed it.I try and get eight hours every night. I wake up feeling the same energy I had in the afternoon. The recommended sleep needed for young adults (18 to 25 years old) is nine hours, according to the (National Sleep Foundation).
In other words, optimal sleep is crucial, because it helps you retain knowledge about the night before. Staying up late will critically damage you, and you'll forget everything you studied. Defeating the purpose of preparing in the first place at all.
All things considered, these tips are high on my list simply because how effective they are without any real effort.

Marlonn from Texas
High School Senior
Northbrook High School