Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

How to succeed academically as a victim of bullies
Just as Brian Tracy says: “Self confidence is the foundation of all great success and achievement”, of course when hearing the word success our minds logically focus on getting work done and studying but as a student who saw her grades go down the hill due to a lack of assertiveness I would say no. During my entire middle school year I was constantly bullied by my classmates, I started to devalue my own self, which affected my grades and even made me fail a prepatory exam twice. After that rough period of my life, I decided to stand back up and fix what looked unfixable.
Firstly, to me the preparation of tests and exams starts on the first day of school, setting up goals and finding ways to achieve them are the keys to a boosted and manageable academic year. I personally set up big goals for the entire school year and every semester find new realistic goals to achieve such as knowing the unit circle or finishing a book in 3 days. I acquired this method in AVID by having a daily updated agenda and always planning ahead of time
Secondly, in order to avoid stress and self-degradation I study every day or at least 6 days a week and that makes me less overwhelmed whenever it is time to start preparing for a test.However I managed my study sessions into small but efficient ones.
Thirdly, since I am a bilingual student I watch or search up for more explanation in English and French and use the one that easier to accumulate. In addition to that, I make flashcards in English and French to make sure that I really understood what I learned.
Finally, having motivation is the wheel of an academic success, It keeps me organized, relaxed ,confident and successful, Now I do not have to let negativity block me from reaching my “dream line” because I know exactly what I want and need. I constantly remind myself that I need to push harder and harder.

Nadret from Texas
High School Senior
Arlington Heights High School