Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As I entered the test room for the AP US History exam, I had a nervous confidence about me. Nervous in the sense that I had no idea what was going to be on the exam I had prepared my entire school year for. Confident because I had prepared for the exam and was ready for whatever the College Board may throw at me.

Just like any test I had prepared for in the past, I formed a schedule that became a guide for my success. On Monday and Thursday, I had a study group at Starbucks with a group of five close friends that were in the class. Every day after school, I would take either an entire or part of a practice AP exam. Going over my work once completed, I diligently searched over my errors and where I could improve on the exam. For both the purpose of explaining intricate concepts and also for practice exams, study books became a vital source for continued success both in the class and on the AP exam. Accordingly, the local public library became my best friend. The library had every test preparation book imaginable: Barron’s, Princeton Review, Kaplan, etc. Allowing me access to more test preparation books and a quiet study space, the library was an essential study tool to be taken advantage of. When any of the other study strategies failed to answer a question I had, meeting with my teacher after school to answer my questions was always my best bet for having them answered. All of my study habits manifesting together became a recipe for success I now use for each test I prepare for. Consulting my peers and teachers, while also maintaining a habit of self-study through test books and practice tests at a quiet place – such as the library – have created the perfect learning environment to foster my desire for success.

After I took my seat and mentally prepared for the exam, the proctor finally said, “Now flip open your exam booklets and begin.” All my hours of preparing had come down to this moment. I knew what I needed to do. I was ready for this.

Ethan from California
High School Senior
Carlsbad High School