Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my four years of High School. I was constantly challenging myself for a high grade. Thankfully I developed multiple strategies that would help me pass almost all my test with that high grade I was fighting for.
First thing first; having all the notes I needed for my test, after making sure I have all the notes I need, I move on to highlighting all the important topics I need for the test. Finally, organize all my notes before the studying process begins. This could be by doing bullet points, Cornell notes, diagrams, Power Points, etc. It’s very important to me to make my notes are something fun to look at and keeps me motivated.
Now I’m ready to start learning the material, before the test. Normally I like to divide subjects per day (depending on how long the test will be). Each day I focus on a different subject or lecture, that way I can learn just one topic at a time and will not have all the information tangled up in my head. After I divide the subjects or lectures I begin my learning process. I’m a very artistic person so I like to make up songs or even write a script out of the information. That way it would be something I would never forget; I also use this method to help others who are struggling with all the material for the test. For me, understanding each topic is key to ace any exam. To make sure I really understand everything I like to ask someone to ask me questions about it; that way I understand the topic and I’m able to explain it, After I do all my reading, singing and acting with all the subjects and lectures I begin to make up practice problems to really make sure I understand what I’m learning and it’s not just because of a song I made up. If I don’t understand or I’m having trouble getting a problem, I go right up to my professor to clarify and answer any question that came up. . The brain is a muscle, so the more you train it, the stronger it gets and you’ll get better test scores. Just remember to have fun while training your brain

Felix from Colorado
High School Senior
Northglenn High School