Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best aid for any of my test preparation is first and foremost my ability to keep the train track of ideas going throughout, without any distractions that may have lead for a moment long enough that would place me to the within the slightest disadvantage from such a perpetual testing environment. In reality I needed every moment of my preparation to be ample in the extent that my knowledge could be displayed amongst the testing paper. However, I do so in a healthy matter for I have prepared myself in a particular way that enabled me to accomplish an attainable task; where there was a need in practice here and then before would I ,in the dawn of a fresh and uprising day, can know how to focus and to know it when I have it. So, with practice, focusing came easy to me because I had already been broaden my experience from the very, morning. As a result, I was a better example to myself I can readily prove my mastery on being able to focus. Especially from the night before my run was I able to elevate my pursuit of happiness to the things I invested devoutly to, as I do in my studies ,by the simple conversations I would be able to take part with my family.
After a run, learning comes easier and much is obliged to. After connecting with family, the value for education is high and so is the respect for it. Days spend with my family or running had never left me inept by any circumstance I was being tested on. Always did I believe I was prepared because I further saw that I was mentally and physically healthy and I came to the respect that I was at most productive when my very health came first. My preparation before the test had me submerged in skills that would last a life time and what I had displayed to myself was the diligence of tutoring. One preparation of a skill is one to communicate with. Anyone can make the mistake before taking an exam that that if they can’t communicate with themselves their needs. How can one be expected to communicate anything other?

Olivia from Texas
High School Senior
Brackenridge Highschool