Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation exclusively relies on the environment that I am in, which is usually my bedroom, For this reason, I make sure that it is completely neat and organized, so that when I'm preparing to study, I'm convinced that although things may seem like they're falling apart, at least my room is well put together. I am never caught staring at an unmade bed beckoning me to crawl back under the covers. Also, I make sure that I try studying as early as possible so that I am assured that I have a long day ahead of me to study. It also allows me to open the curtains and let all the sunshine in, and if it's warm enough, even let a slight breeze in. And I never sit down at my desk until I have changed out of my pajamas into a nice outfit. Then, my phone is turned off and put in a drawer, and Ludovico Einaudi begins to play in the background. Orchestral, of course.
Now, whatever subject I may be studying for, my Quizlets are ready for a quick review of terms, which doesn't involve me staring at a screen quietly. Instead, it involves various terrible accents and impressions as I read aloud the terms and definitions as if Dumbledore were teaching me the lesson. And sometimes if I get too tired, I even stand up and deliver a Shakespearean monologue of the Protestant Reformation. Or I spot my stuffed tiger on my bed, and I seat him on my chair as I walk him through cellular respiration. And if it is an AP class that I am preparing for, I call upon my trusty prep book and use the brightest sticky notes that I own to write down a summary of the information on each page in my own words. And for terms that I don't understand, I draw thought bubbles with the label "Think" and write an example or silly saying that only I would understand.
But most importantly, I remind myself to breathe and know that I'm trying my best because it gets too easy for anxious thoughts to intrude. It's all about perspective and knowing that I enjoy and respect the knowledge I'm receiving.

Sabah from Illinois
High School Senior
Northside College Preparatory High School