Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation for the longest time came in the form of frantically cramming anything I could lay my hands on the night before, hoping that everything turned out fine. That only works for so long before strategies have to be developed for the sake of one's mental health. In my case, a few particular methods, both in the conventional and unconventional managed to help better prepare me for tests.
For one, classic hand made flashcards seem to do the trick. Whether at home or having a few free moments in one of my classes, flashcards allow for a quick study session. Another thing with flashcards is the studying doesn't have to be done solo. When a test comes out, particularly a vocab test, a group of my fellow classmates will get together and have a friendly competition. Reading through the flashcards and trying to answer the quickest, creating a somewhat competitive learning environment while allowing everyone to absorb the material. Such jam sessions have come in handy on multiple occasions but tend to not be my got to study method.
Above all I find repetition to help the best. What kind of repetition? I tend to vary from quirky little rhymes to writing a word or sentence repeatedly until I can basically write the line word for word without much thought. I've found the tactic most helpful in classes such as Forensics or French, often creating rhymes or songs to something I learned, going as far as to add a small dance with it. Quirky? Yes. Effective? Definitely! The combination of movement and systematic repetition help me to not only process information but recall it without much trouble. Plus, studying for a test seems less like a chore and more like a game when you're able to have fun with it. This strategy actually makes me excited to get a test because I know I get to have fun flexing my creative muscle. These strategies have allowed test preparation to become an enyojable activity and help keep not only my grade up but saved my mental health in the long run.

Alia from Washington
High School Senior
Todd Beamer High School