Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I consider myself a great test taker. I always cover as much material as possible in my study to have a broad knowledge base that encompasses all of what might be on the exam. After I have accomplished studying all the material, I hone in on what I do not understand, and look at the intricate details of what I might need to know. I do this as close to the exam as I can manage, so I have it fresh in my memory. I get a good night's sleep and eat a light yet filling breakfast to prepare my body for a test. I do my best to trust myself going into the test, and know that I have prepared as best as I could. In the test I go through multiple choice once without stopping to bubble in my answers. I go back to bubble in my answers, and work on the questions I have skipped or circled as I go in numerical order through the test. This is the most time efficient method, as the rebubbling of changed answers that might occur on the questions you are unsure about will take extra time. Doing it all at once is best. For writing sections I just start writing, and let the information I have studied flow onto the page, and editing on the fly. If I am stuck, I will move on to another part and come back. One interesting strategy specifically for the ACT is that the math multiple choice answers are ordered from least to greatest, so if I am unsure how to find an answer I can guess and check using answer C, and if that is too high or too low I know which direction to move with my guesses. These strategies have helped me immensely on all of the tests I have taken.

Luke from California
High School Senior
Scripps Ranch High School